Feats and Failures

I’m working on an invisible zip tute for the blog. It must be done, but it must be done carefully. I can’t just post my class notes on them, class notes do not belong to me. Watch this space.

I’m pondering the intersection of personal and professional sewing at the moment. I feel a huge imbalance. I can’t seem to sew anything lately without it turning to rubbish under my fingers. I know this is because I’m experimenting with:

  1. New Techniques
  2. New Interfacings
  3. Wiggly China Silk (Yes, I started to cut the Tourniquet Blouse despite my vows…)
  4. Making Something Fabulous for My Man (why is it the more I want something to turn out perfect, the worse it looks?)

Meanwhile, I’m teaching 5 and 6 days a week. Three hours a class, it doesn’t take up my whole day or anything. Three basic beginner classes, two pattern alteration classes and one free-for-all. Fantastic. I love it that I can pass on skills and ideas to so many people. I love watching eyes light up with the sheer delight of making something that looks halfway decent an fits. I love that I ran an overbooked class on Frenchy Bags yesterday and everyone left with finished bags, happily chatting about the next class. It would seem I’m doing exceptionally well at work. Where does that good sewing mojo go? Why can’t I bloody sew anymore???

My husband shoves off next week for a short stint of field work. Our little girlie will stay with her grandmother down the coast for the better part of the week. I hate being away from her for so long, but with my nightly work schedule we have little choice. That means I have the better part of a week all alone to sew, experiment, fail, scream, and succeed. This week I will focus on finishing (and fixing) his field shirt. Next week I will finally make the “Marlene Dietrich” dress, the Tourniquet Blouse, and finish that UFO skirt. The other UFO’s can go to outer space.

One comment

  1. We all have those times when nothing works. Nothing. One big zero. Hang in there. It will pass. Enjoy your alone time, and sew up a storm!

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