I saw a UFO, but nobody believes me..

Last post I stuck my nose waaaay in the air and declared that I don’t do UFO’s. I lied. Well, not exactly. I don’t allow myself to leave UFO’s anymore, but I have a basket of them hanging around from the pre-anti-UFO era. Now I use anti-aircraft guns to ward them off.

  1. Drunkard’s path Quilt- Intended for my bedroom. I learned to dye fabrics and batik them for this project. I used various batiks and hand dyed pieces in shades of blue, cream and brown. Put on the frame, put on the wide blue border, then the pieced border. Then I thought “Oh sh*t, something is wrong. I decided it was the blue wide border. Too light. Consultation with the Quilting Gurus at work confirmed this. Sh*t sh*t sh*t. I actually have a medium blue that I dyed specifically for the border, but decided to switch to the light blue at the last moment. This one has been languishing since last May-August. The dyeing process took a while. The borders are ripped, took me four hours but it is done. I plan to cut the new borders, put them on, then assemble all my weirdly dyed rejects as a sort of B-side backing. Then quilt the thing. I have all the materials, all the know-how. I just don’t wanna. My new way of looking at this is I am not allowed to start the yellow and green quilt for mom until this one is finished.
  2. Amy Butler Lotus Cami- Just the thought of touching this again makes my skin crawl. I love you Amy, but I hate your clothing patterns. I’m not some weird cylinder shape. I have boobs, a waist and hips. I can’t entirely blame Amy for this one. I thought it would be a simple shirt, I underestimated it. Not only did I not do a FBA, I did not muslin. Not even a little bit. And I piped the neckline and upper bodice, and used fabric I really like. I couldn’t really try it on until near completion, when I discovered it did not button between my shoulder blades. I did an FBA on the front pattern piece, unpicked the pieces (And most of the piping and facing) and re-inserted it. Still a really tight fit. Horrible. I sewed the back shut, stuck on some ornamental buttons and used a side zip. Put on one sleeve, then could not bring myself to attach the other cap sleeve and hem it. I just couldn’t. It’s been sitting there for months now, calling to me. I am not allowed to start the Tourniquet Blouse until I finish the cami.
  3. Asymmetrical Button Skirt- I guess this is more a simple alteration left undone than a full-blown UFO. Basically, I want to change it from a button front wrap to an invisibly zipped up skirt with a front button feature. The layers of pleated fabric + buttons = impossible to get on and off. This would take an hour, tops, and I love the skirt. I’m not allowed to alter another dress pattern (gasp) until this is fixed.
  4. White Peter Pan blouse- Another “needs alteration,” I want to take off the other cuff, hem the sleeves and then wear it as an at-home blouse. This pre-dates my fixation with pattern alteration and is a good example of why I alter patterns. But the fabric is pretty and it is generally well-made, so it is a shame for it to sit around. Also, no Tourniquet Blouse until this is sorted.
  5. Madison Bag- Actually, several. I love the lines of this bag, I like everything about it and it is not a difficult bag to put together. It is a mystery. I cut the bag, interface, assemble the exterior and the interior, make handles, insert magnetic buttons but when it comes to putting it all together I quit. It’s really disgusting. I’m also not that interested in rectifying the situation, though there is one that will make a good shop sample if I can finish it.

I’ll make another “orphan” post later, for projects I know I will not finish. They are dead to me. But there they are, all my UFO’s.

What makes a UFO? Disgust? Loss of interest? Lack of technical knowledge? Not touching a project for a week? A month? Six months? A year?

One comment

  1. Hehe! I love that you have certain projects that you aren't allowed to start until others are finished. I should start doing something like that. I have a ridiculous number of UFOs… Most of mine are ones where I got fed up with redoing something, or I just lost the love for it… I do have one dress though which just has to be hemmed and then it is done (and that has been sitting there for a few months…)

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